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4 Reasons to Use Construction Progress Models

1. Documentation of exact locations of mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems.

Construction progress models are the ultimate as-built models. With high accuracy and the ability to view a model in 3D or to turn it into Revit or AutoCAD plans, a construction progress model documents precisely where mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems are after installation.

2. Provide proof of construction progress for clients around the world

Reality capture offers an easy way to illustrate progress, document accuracy, and communicate with others. Construction progress models are sharable within 24 hours of scanning.

3. Change order communication and punch lists

Tag specific issue areas of your project, add links, and information to communicate with team members in the field and the office. This provides more context and information than 2D drawings.

4. Document multiple phases on the project.

Scan before construction, during construction, and post-construction to illustrate the full project lifecycle. Use this in the future for marketing and client interviews.

Walk through a construction progress model yourself here:

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