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7 Reasons Contractors Should Use Reality Capture

Updated: Jan 8, 2019

3D reality capture is useful in a variety of situations beyond generating point clouds. Here are 7 different ways general contractors can utilize Matterport scans:

1. Accessibility

The Matterport app can be accessed via your computer, iPad, or cell phone, giving your team the ability to access the information wherever they need.

2. As-builts Made Easy

Quickly and accurately document a building at any stage within it's lifecycle, for existing as-builts, construction progress models, and for facilities management at project handoff.

3. Punch Lists

Easily map out issue areas on your project and make sure they're seen.

4. Facilities Management

Does your client want a BIM deliverable, but they aren't entirely sure what to do with it? No problem, deliver them a Matterport scan with tags for facilities management purposes. Your client can open it from any device

5. Measure Anything

Missed something? Don't worry, you have the ability to measure any portion of your project at your fingertips. The Matterport web app makes it easy to generate accurate measurements on the fly.

6. Bluebeam Revu Hyperlinks

We love Bluebeam Revu, we are assuming you do as well. Easily hyperlink a scan into your drawing so you know what you're looking at on your project.

7. Marketing

Matterport makes it easy to create 360 imagery for Facebook or Google, create video walkthroughs, or use the html to easily display projects on your website.

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