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Save Yourself a Day on Every Project

Have you been on the fence about reality capture as a small firm? We interviewed a few of our clients and asked them about how 3D Capture has benefited their process on residential projects. While there were plenty of great benefits each firm found, the primary take away is that scanning is a huge time saver.

"It's extremely time-saving. Going and measuring a house for an as-built set of drawings is time-consuming as a single person trying to measure and draw it all," claims residential Architect and Principal, Lisa Laursen of Lisa Laursen Design. Lisa Laursen is a single person firm based out of Boulder, CO, primarily focusing on single-family projects.

Lisa has used On Point Scans for multiple years now and claims, "It probably saves me an entire day, eight to fourteen hours of my time," Lisa uses the point cloud inside Revit to model her as-builts. "Having that information in my model is super helpful. If something were to get moved or if I'm questioning a dimension that I might have in my as-built set I have this model underneath my model all the time."

"We would never go back to using tape measures, graph paper and drafting by hand to do as-builts ever again. It's just not worth it. Even for small projects," claims BLDG Collective Co-Founder Steve Perce. "With On point Scans we only have to coordinate one visit to the house for several hours by one person. We can capture way more information in a shorter amount of time, with fewer disruptions to the homeowner."

Before implementing reality capture into their workflow, BLDG Collective struggled with documenting as-builts, claiming they would have to return to the clients home multiple times. Co-Founder Chris Gray claimed hand measuring resulted in," a lot of chances for error, it was a time consuming and not so accurate process." They now begin each home remodel with scanning, starting every project with a digital workflow. They utilize the point clouds to model and make highly accurate measurements. The team claims," The fact that it can seamlessly integrate with Revit is fantastic."

How would a day saved on each of your residential remodel projects benefit your team? More time to design and finish up other projects? Or you could use that for marketing your other project pursuits. Time is the most valuable resource, so make sure you're spending it well and not hand measuring!

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